This Street Style Dosa Went Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

There’s hardly any Indian who hasn’t tasted the south Indian delicacy, dosa. The crispy crepe has many fans across the country. Its versatility has given rise to experiments too. While some people try out various versions of the chutney, others are on a quest to find a newer filling. But, can some experiments go too far? It seems so! A video of a fusion dosa on Twitter has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. The video, shared by one Deepak Prabhu, shows a street food vendor making a gastronomic excess out of a simple dosa.

In the caption, the user says that “purists will cringe seeing this”.

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In the video, the vendor first spreads the batter on a tawa to make the dosa. Then he smears butter over it. And goes on to add onions, cabbage, capsicum and coconut chutney. That’s not all. A lump of paneer is shredded on top of the dosa. Raisins, cashews and garam masala — condiments that are popular in Indian curries and sweet dishes — also find a place here. The ingredients are mashed and covered until cooked well. To top it all, he puts coriander, cherries and heaps of cheese shreds.

The video has also received 1.4k likes within a day. One user wrote an elaborate complaint after watching the video. “If you want to have pizza, go eat pizza. If you want to eat ice cream, go eat ice cream. As simple as that. Don’t ruin dosa by adding cheese, tutty fruity, chocolates,” wrote the user.

Another user almost got an anxiety attack after watching the recipe and said – 

Many thought that this fusion dosa was the end of the simple delicacy. One user, addressing the dosa, wrote, “Feeling sorry for you! Like seriously? Cheese is okay but… dry fruits? Yukkk. It’s not dessert jisme ki aap dryfruit daal rhe (It’s not a dessert where you put dry fruits).”

Another user alleged that the vendor literally killed the dosa with the elaborate filling and wrote, “Please arrest this man for homicide. RIP Dosa!”

Taking a dig at many peoples’ liking towards butter and cheese, one of the users wrote, “Use ghee guys. It’s pure and tastes good! Karam dosa with ghee.”

Some users went a step ahead and cracked jokes about some inedible ingredients that could be added to the dish.

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One user put the photo of a detergent powder and wrote, “He missed this main ingredient in his so-called Disaster Dosa.”

That’s all about a dosa that’s gone pretty much over the top.

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