This happened between Ducky bhai & BTS ARMY !!!

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The name is Muhammad Akbar ,a student, photographer and videographer in seek to make my audience laugh, enjoy and share my content.Anybody want to …

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16 thoughts on “This happened between Ducky bhai & BTS ARMY !!!

  1. Please make a video about you thoughts on BlackPink's mistreatment I am a Pakistani Blink and we barely get any content and it's been almost a year since their Kill This Love comeback and they don't even have a full album I seriously want to kill YG……….

  2. I just think Ducky Bhai did a careless thing , but he has apologized so let's not drag it anymore cause Bts are way bigger than these kinds of things , so let's stop dragging about this matter . Borhae Army ?

  3. HEY ARMY DON'T WORRY BTS don't care about this type of stuff and things okay they're still working hard and they are always successful because of their hard work…. We love them all still and always.. We don't care what ducky saying or said… It doesn't matter to me because they never ever effect BTS and our love for them…. So keep calm. Love BTS and be like BTS…. We purple you BTS…..

  4. Couldn't have said it better myself! You did a great job analysing the situation and giving good advice. Since we're waiting for his video that he will upload about BTS and ARMY, let's see what he says.

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