This Barfi Is Sure To Make You Nostalgic; Guess What Childhood Favorite This Is Made Of

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We have an inseparable connection with barifs of all sorts. Come any occasion, we are ready to run to our favorite halwai to get these at the drop of a hat. The luscious texture, heavenly flavors, and mouth-watering aroma of these barfis truly have the most special place in our hearts. But when you are feeling especially low, what is the one mithai flavor that you can trust to raise your spirits no matter what? Many may answer with the classic kaju ki barfi or a more decadent besan or even a moong dal ki barfi, however, this eatery in Delhi might have one of the most happiness-inducing mithai flavors ever! What is it you ask? It is a barfi, made with none other than Horlicks! Yes, you read that right, made with a jar full of Horlicks, this rich and delicious barfi looks every bit inviting and we cannot wait to dig into it!

The video shared by @oye.foodie features a sweet shop from Maujpur, Delhi named ‘Shagun sweets’. The sweet shop is known for its groundbreaking Horlicks Barfi and going by the comments, it seems to be a hit amongst all! The video has garnered over 249k views, 15.6k likes, and 60+ comments; the admin of the food page too was all praises for the same. They captioned the video ‘Ever tried Horlicks burfi, it was literally so amazing’

The process of making Horlicks barfi is quite similar to any other barfi. A mix of gram flour, condensed milk, Horlicks powder and loads of ghee is cooked in sugar syrup. After rigorously mixing on high heat, the batter changes its colour to a beautiful golden shade, it is then taken off the heat and spread on a big tray. Once cooled off, the barfi is cut into bite sized pieces and served, look at the drool-worthy delicacy here:

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It looks like we weren’t the only ones highly impressed by the Horlicks Barfi, the comment section was brimming with praises and everyone seemed to love this combination. One of the most common comments was ‘Arrey waah’ (Oh wow). While one pointed out that a similar delicacy is found in the other parts of the country too, ‘Its Yum, we get it in Mangalore as well’.

What are your thoughts about the Horlicks Barfi? Will you be willing to give it a try?

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