Things to keep in mind before colouring your hair

We all want a change, especially when stuck in this dreadful pandemic which is getting gloomier day by day. Experimenting with hair colours is okay as long as you are aware of the sensitivity of your own hair. From blonde to platinum, it has become quick and easy to colour your hair at home, which is both time and money-effective but one wrong move can damage everything faster than the wind itself.

You can get the salon finish of smooth and glossy hair by simply adhering to these at-home colour guidelines.

1. Skip the shampoo

  • -It is recommended to skip shampooing your hair before using any hair colour as the shampoo doesn’t help hair from protecting or enhancing the hair dye in any way. The natural oils present in your hair are important to protect your scalp from the tingling and itching sensations that could be caused by the use of hair dye or bleach.
  • 2. The patch test

  • -Sometimes the colour we choose does not complement our skin and then it could turn into a whole disaster, we want to avoid. Take a small patch of your hair from the end and take it through a test drive with the hair dye and see if the colour isn’t too light, dark, or ashy.
  • 3. Colouring the grey hair

  • -It is smart to choose a semi-permanent hair dye when colouring your grey hair as the dye will blend in with minimal damage and as your hair will need frequent touch-ups through time, you need to be prudent and wise when selecting your dye.
  • 4. Skin sensitivity

  • -Your skin is the most sensitive part of your body and the chemicals from these hair dyes can damage it severely. Diluting the dye with hydrogen peroxide can neutralize the pH level of the ammonia, alleviate the drying effects and reduce skin irritation. Read the instructions on your dye box and add the relevant amount of peroxide as too much of it can dampen the effects of the dye.
  • 5. Stop diluting unnecessarily

  • -Diluting a permanent dye with water will not lighten your hair or diluting it with some thermal oil or any other hair treatment product will not protect your hair from the dye but will only make them greasy.
  • 6. Petroleum jelly in the hairline

  • -Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on your hairline and then continue with the hair colouring as per the instructions written on the box. The jelly will keep the colour stains at bay and will not let them reach your facial skin. This will help in minimizing any protentional skin irritation or itching.
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