The Year K-pop Broke in the USA in 2019 – Midem 2019

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Speakers: Danny Lee, Chief Agent, Asian Agent (USA) Wengie, Artist (Singapore/USA) David Amber, Artist & Producer, AmberSongs Productions (USA) …

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9 thoughts on “The Year K-pop Broke in the USA in 2019 – Midem 2019

  1. Shutout to YG ?2NE1 the pioneers…i hope they at least mention BIGBANG as the king of kpop…and make kpop known in the world even before that the Internet is not the accessible to everybody…still thank you for the good explanation ???no hate just love…

  2. Great panel and so glad to have found the video. However…
    I love Wengie and her channel but please, enough with promoting her songs. While everyone was noting how much sacrifice these artists have done to acquire the singing and dancing skills, there's Wengie and her promoter inserting her into pretty much every topic discussed.
    I mean you create a graphic with Blackpink, BTS, and… WENGIE??? Exactly how much of that billions of views did her videos contribute?
    This is not to underscore what she's done or the effort she puts into her work. It's about discussing the topics and at and not use every opportunity to plug her new stuff. We have other panelists who've accomplished thousand times more and they're participating without promoting.

  3. During the inception of 2NE1, they literally blew the industry away with their unorthodox music and style, and also their supreme ability in performing live, when gg back then still stucked at being sexy and cute (they still do now), 2NE1 said F yall, we gonna slay all. That;s what we called revolution, not just based on youtube views.

    After 2NE1, alot of ggs trying to copy their concept but none of them was able to top 2NE1 still, the OG of Girl Crush, Girl Power.

    Imagine their Crush was named the sixth best pop album of 2014 by Rolling Stone and one of the best 40 pop albums of 2014 by Fuse. The album also ranked at number 11 on Billboard's Year-End World Albums list, marking the first time a k-pop band has placed on the chart since its inception. Their last song "Goodbye" written by CL also topped Billboard World Digital Songs, without any promotion.

    The New York Times named 2NE1's performance at the Prudential Center in New Jersey as one of the "Best Concerts of 2012"

    These records cant be frabicated, it stays with you and only the best of the best could ever attain it.

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