The Ring Of Fire Solar Eclipse Coming Up On June 10

Solar Eclipse 2021: The 'Ring Of Fire' Solar Eclipse Coming Up On June 10

Solar Eclipse 2021: Know all about the ‘ring of fire’ Solar Eclipse on June 10

A Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan is coming up on June 10. This will be the ‘ring of fire’ or annular Solar Eclipse. Just a few days ago we saw a Lunar Eclipse and within a fortnight, there will be an annular Solar Eclipse. Now we are midway through an eclipse season. The ‘ring of fire’ will shine with only one-tenth of the sun’s normal total light and “near the point of greatest eclipse over the polar region, the annular phase will last up to three minutes and 51 seconds…,” according to the

Click here to see the path of the annular Solar Eclipse.(Source:

What is a ‘ring of fire’ Solar Eclipse?

The annular Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon is farthest from Earth. Due to the distance, the Moon appears smaller and does not block the entire light of the Sun and there is a ring of sunlight created. This is the dramatic ‘ring of fire’ or the annular Solar Eclipse. 

Where will the ‘ring of fire’ Solar Eclipse be visible from?

The ‘ring of life’ Solar Eclipse will not be visible in India. But you can watch it online. You can click here and watch the Solar Eclipse live.(Source:

People in the northeastern United States and eastern Canada, will witness a brief partial Solar Eclipse. Only a small area of northern Ontario and Quebec, will see the dramatic ‘ring of fire’. Those living in northern Europe, including Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Scandinavia will also be able to see a partial Solar Eclipse.

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