The LM5 Tour CRACK

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The concert videos are NOT taken by me, obviously. If you want credit on your video, comment, and I’ll leave your links/social media further down. Sorry this took …

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42 thoughts on “The LM5 Tour CRACK

  1. omfg my work ethic is SO BAD im sorry. i know i said i wanted to make 2 videos abt the lm5 tour, but in the end i decided i’d just edit a crack in 3 days bc nikola mixer and darryvideoedit already have some good videos anyway.

    hope you enjoyed lmao, this marks the end of my golden era of posting, rip lm5 era you’ll be missed ?

  2. You can't just throw the dance break part of "Hip" at me. I need either fair warning or I'm forced to sue for my wig being snatched.

    P.S. Stan Mamamoo and Little Mix

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