The Family Chantel Trailer Teases New Feuds, Implants, and MORE Brawling!

the family chantel trailer teases new feuds implants and more br

The Family Chantel is known for its endless chaos and fights. Actually, that was true even before the spinoff began.

In many ways, what put Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno “on the map” was a massive interfamily brawl.

Now, the 90 Day Fiance alums and their misbehaving relatives are back for Season 3 … and they are still acting up.

In addition to multiple fights, the new trailer teases Pedro’s search for his father, a lot of boob talk, some romance woes, househunting, and more.

As this Season 3 trailer begins, Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno are househunting.

It has long been the case that the primary issues in their marriage are not normal interpersonal struggles, but all family-related.

That clearly holds true.

The Family Chantel Season 3 trailer - and they can live here downstairs

Pedro suggests to Chantel that his mother, Lidia, and his sister, Nicole, could live with them and stay downstairs.

Instead of bursting out laughing at this audacious suggestion, Chantel agrees … except to say that they would be kept in crates.

Obviously, Pedro isn’t thrilled at Chantel’s characterization of his family as untamed animals in need of cages.

The Family Chantel Season 3 trailer - my god, nicole, those boobs

Speaking of Pedro’s troublemaking sister, Nicole, she shows off her breast augmentation.

Coraima praises the significant boost in her friend’s cup size.

Naturally, the conversation steers to Chantel’s impossible-to-miss breasts.

The Family Chantel Season 3 trailer - that's real guys, okay?

Unlike her sister-in-law, Chantel’s breasts are natural and organic.

We don’t just have to take her word for it … because Pedro begins to jiggle them merrily on camera.

He clearly takes a lot of pride in his wife’s, um, accomplishments.

The Family Chantel Season 3 trailer - Karen questions River

On the other side of things, Chantel’s mother, Karen, is speaking to River.

River has a new girlfriend and things are getting serious, but he insists that it’s not his mother’s business.

She counters that it absolutely is, because all of her adult children’s relationships inevitably end up impacting her life.

The Family Chantel Season 3 trailer - Jah has a new religion

Speaking of which, Winter is back with Jah, who has found himself a new religion.

(Okay, I have a guess as to what this is and I hope that I’m wrong … let’s just wait until the reveal and give him the benefit of the doubt until then)

Jah says that he now follows a “biblical diet” and tries to give Karen grief for eating shrimp, accusing her of thinking “like a bottom-feeder.”

The Family Chantel Season 3 trailer - Pedro asks if Alejandro is getting a divorce

We also see Pedro come face-to-face with Alejandro, his sister’s boyfriend.

Alejandro is in a long-distance relationship with Nicole … and also happens to still be married, not to Nicole.

Pedro thinks that that’s bogus and wants to understand the man’s intentions.

The Family Chantel Season 3 trailer - you're a bleep and your mother's a bleep

Alejandro fires back by insulting Pedro and Pedro’s mother … which of course also means insulting Nicole’s brother and Nicole’s mother.

If you suspect that Pedro is the sort of guy who would not respond well to a “yo mama” joke, you are correct.

To Chantel’s (eventual) chagrin, things escalate from there.

The Family Chantel Season 3 trailer - Alejandro threatens Pedro

On the street, we see Alejandro straight up threaten Pedro — seemingly with physical violence.

He vows to “f–k you up.”

Pedro doesn’t appear to take the bait … but then, he doesn’t have to.

The Family Chantel Season 3 trailer - Alejandro attacks Pedro

It is Alejandro who ends up lunging at Pedro, charging at him and leaping.

While physical contact is clearly made, it doesn’t look like things get quite as bad as they could have.

But then, this is only a trailer, teasing us with what is to come.

The Family Chantel Season 3 trailer - Pedro - that man was never there for us

Switching gears, when Pedro is in Santo Domingo, he tries to understnad more about his absent father.

He speaks to his mother about his deadbeat dad’s disappearing act.

While they talk, Nicole cries in the back seat. This is a sensitive topic for everyone involved.

The Family Chantel Season 3 trailer - Pedro - I no cry about him

Pedro also cries while speaking to the confessional camera.

However, he emphasizes that he is not crying about his dad.

Rather, he is crying about the situation that his father’s actions created. He’s splitting that hair awfully thin, but he’s splitting it.

The Family Chantel Season 3 trailer - Nicole Jimeno lists what Chantel has called her

Nicole is upset that Pedro got into a physical altercation with Alejandro, her married boyfriend.

She notes that Chantel has hurled many verbal insults.

But, as she reminds Coraima, she has never physically attacked Chantel.

The Family Chantel Season 3 trailer - Nicole Jimeno - Pedro had sex with Coraima

But she does want revenge, which is clearly on her mind when she walks up to Chantel and her family.

In front of her brother, Chantel, and the rest of the Everetts (well, the ones who traveled there), she makes an announcement.

“Pedro had sex with Coraima,” Nicole declares triumphantly.

The Family Chantel Season 3 trailer - Nicole Jimeno forcibly removed

It looks like Nicole returns and throws something, though it’s unclear exactly what happened in this sequence of events.

What happened next is basically her being very gently tackled and removed from the situation.

It also appears that, per Karen’s wishes, police were called. Yeah, this season’s going to be a doozy.

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