The dos and don’ts of bridal make-up

One day every girl wants her make-up to look perfect is her wedding day. It’s one of the most memorable days and the day you will be photographed a lot. To get a make-up look that lasts all night and makes you look fabulous requires a lot of finesse. If you’re a make-up rookie, who’s confused on what kind of tips to follow, here’s our ultimate guide on what to do and not on the big day:

The Dos

Do a trial make-up 3-5 weeks before
It’s best to get a make-up trial, a few weeks before the date. It helps the make-up artist play with colours and understand what products work on your skin. This will help you to visualise a look rather than experimenting on the big day.

Wear a same-coloured outfit as your bridal one
Wear a colour that is same as your bridal outfit. This will help to understand what make-up colours will work with the bridal ensemble. You can also carry your blouse and dupatta your outfit is ready.

Give your eyes all the attention
Your eye make-up can make or break your look. Make sure you focus on the eye area. Use a colour corrector, followed by a concealer to lighten the area. When it comes to hues, look for colours that complement your eye’s colour.

Enhance your eyes with faux lashes
Just natural lashes can look too simple. Make sure you apply faux lashes. Before the big day, you can try out a few pair of lashes and invest in the one that suits you the most.

Highlight the brow bone
Complete the look by applying a highlighter on your brow bones to pop up your eyes. Go for light matte shades and pat the highlighter on the outer side of the browbone.

Do carry a few products
On the big day, make sure you carry a few make-up products and keep them handy. Products like a compact powder, lipstick, concealer and a brush or a sponge can be useful.

The Dont’s

Don’t apply sunscreen
It’s best to avoid sunscreen on the wedding day, as it can make your face look too white with the camera’s flash. It can also make your face look greasy and sticky. It’s best to avoid sunscreen and stick to regular toners and creams.

Facial hair removal
Be it facial waxing or threading, don’t get anything done a few days before the big day. It helps to avoid rashes, redness and any cuts. Keep your parlour sessions booked a few weeks ago, so your skin is clean on the main day.

Book your hair treatment wisely
The same goes for hair treatments. For hair, you should keep a month’s gap. Salon sessions like hair colour, cuts and other treatments can take time to reflect. Consult a hair expert before getting anything done and to understand the timeline.

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