‘The 10 Avatars of Vishnu’ by Sunita Shah


The ancient stories of Vishnu’s 10 avatars are retold in a modern and engaging way, accompanied by vibrant and colourful imagery.

In his usual form, Lord Vishnu is light blue in colour – some of his Avatars include Matsya (The Fish), and Lord Rama (The Perfect Man). Sunita details each mini story of bravery and strength in a way which appeals to all ages and gives insight into some of the most well-known stories from the religious scriptures. 

Sunita’s latest literary creation adds to the The Jai Jais Legends Series which is aimed at 8 year olds and beyond. The Jai Jais take a modern day approach to educating parents, teachers, children and curious people from diverse backgrounds on traditional, ancient mythology.

When Sunita Shah’s little boy began asking questions about Hindu Gods, it occurred to her that there were not many age-appropriate books available specifically for children; it was then that she realised she could write her own informative books for children and The Jai Jais were born.  

Sunita has combined over 22 years of wisdom as a leading figure in Speech and Language therapy with her passion for passing on the rituals and understanding of Hinduism through generations, to create specialist modern educational material for children without compromising authenticity of the stories written 100s of years ago.

Illustrator James Ballance is an advocate of encouraging diversity within western cultures, and is an avid storyteller via his artistic abilities, thus creating a perfect synergy with the Jai Jais.

Together, over 5 years, they have created multiple series on Hindu Gods and Goddesses which are colourfully illustrated and easy to read.  

In 2015, The Jai Jais released their first book ‘Ganesh’, about the elephant-headed God, and in 2021 they have released this, their 21st book. 

The 10 Avatars of Vishnu, written by Sunita Shah and beautifully illustrated by James Ballance is available to buy here

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