Teens Focused On Muscle Building At Risk Of Developing Eating Disorders: Study

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Teens who see themselves as weak susceptible to eating disorders, says study

Eating disorders have been getting more and more attention lately due to the multifarious factors that affect our relationship with food. Eating disorders are psychological and are a malaise of the mind, but they impact our physical health as well, due to the crucial link between food and health. A new study has said that teenagers who are more focused on building muscles maybe more susceptible to developing eating disorders. The study comes against the backdrop of rising pressure on teens and young adults to look good, due to the deep influence of social media on their lives and self-image. The study said that this category of eating disorders is more likely to affect teens who see themselves as weak or small, as these are the kids who may get obsessed with building muscle.

The study is titled, “Predictors or muscularity-oriented disordered eating behaviours in U.S. young adults: a prospective cohort study”, was published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders. The study said that this type of eating disorder is linked with eating differently or more, in order to build muscle. It also said that eating too much or taking anabolic steroids and supplements may result in eating disorders. Teenage boys and girls with this kind of eating disorder were found to restrict the consumption of carbohydrates and fats and consumed too much protein, in addition to doing excessive exercise, in order to build muscle.

muscleMuscularity-related eating disorders affecting U.S. teens

The study was conducted on a total of 14,891 participants. The participants were of the age 15 years and above and the study was conducted for a period of seven years. The study found that one in even five males and one in every 20 females showed signs of eating disorders that were muscularity-related. The study concluded by saying, “Future research should examine longitudinal health outcomesassociated with muscularity-oriented disordered eating behaviors.”

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