Teen Mom OG Recap: Amber Goes to Court, Everyone Else Goes to Indiana

amber portwood near tears

Amber Portwood dealt with the aftermath of her July arrest on Teen Mom OG this week…

… while the other cast members dealt with the aftermath of having a long-time co-star dealing with the aftermath of her July arrest for domestic violence.

As you must know by now, Portwood was arrested several months ago for allegedly attacking boyfriend Andrew Glennon during an ugly dispute between the parents.

Glennon was holding the former couple’s young son, James, at the time of the incident, too.

On the latest installment of this MTV hit, Portwood had to see a judge to find out when she could get back custody of her toddler.

As the troubled star began to prepare for her initial hearing on this pressing matter, she immediately reached out to Catelynn Baltierra, asking her to be there for support; something very out of character foor Portwood, as Catelynn noted.

Amber Portwood as an OG

Later on, Maci Bookout and Cheyenne Floyd were also filled in on what transpired — and they also both agreed to go to Indiana to support Amber in court.

“She hasn’t been able to see James,” Bookout told husband Tyler of Amber’s situation, prior too hopping on a plane. “It sucks for everybody.”

Maci wasn’t sure how to handle the scandal, but Tyler tried to reassure her as follows:

“I think all you can do is what you girls have been doing at this point. You don’t have to agree with what happened or how she handled, but still support her as a friend and a sister.”

Maci Bookout as an OG

Floyd mostly echoed this sentiment.

“No matter what happened that night, Amber still deserves to have support, she deserves to have love, and friends, and a family to fall back on,” Cheyenne told Maci and Catelynn when they met at the airport to go pick up Amber prior to the hearing.

Portwood couldn’t tell her pals much about what happened or even what was happening in her legal case.

But she confessed that daughter Leah was concerned, and also that she felt better with her colleagues around.

Catelynn at the Wheel

On the day of the hearing, Portwood had more than just these women by her side: first baby daddy, Gary Shirley, and his wife, Kristina, also showed up at the courthouse.

The MTV cameras weren’t able to join them inside the courtroom, however, but the outcome was positive for Amber.

“The judge lifted the order of protection so I can have consistent visits with my son,” she said on air, adding:

“But my lawyers told me there’s an official gag order on the custody case, so I can’t discuss it any further.”

As for Andrew? Teen Mom OG producer Larry Musnik caught up with him to get his side of the story, as well.

“This stuff happens and she honestly doesn’t remember doing it. Or she just chooses to make it not exist anymore,” Andrew said.

He continued:

“It’s not my job to get her mentally stable. I can’t do it anymore.”

Amber, Andrew Glennon

In the end, Andrew refused to continue with shooting.

“I think before any filming goes on, if I’m gonna be part of this show, it is absolutely not worth it unless I’m getting, like, the same pay as these other people on the show after the hell that I’ve been through.”

Can’t really blame the guy here, can you?

Amber, James, and Andrew

Elsewhere on this episode?

  • Mackenzie McKee continued to struggle with her relationship with her husband, Josh, from whom she’s currently separated.

  • After returning from Indiana, Catelynn saw a doctor about the next steps she should take for her mental health.

  • Cory and Cheyenne argued about their co-parenting rules.

Overall, however, this episode, just like the previous one, was really all about Amber.

Mackenzie Mckee and Her Baby

In October 2019, Portwood reportedly signed a plea deal and was sentenced to two-and-a-half years of probation, as well as court-ordered parenting classes.

She has said little about the arrest, but went on record in September on the Teen Mom OG reunion with this denial:

“I literally opted out of drug court a long time ago to put myself in prison to help myself.

“Why would I jeopardize … you haven’t heard s— from me since then, haven’t gotten in trouble one time.

“But all of a sudden I’m running after him with a machete? You’re insane.”

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