Swiss embassy staffer “detention” is a fabrication – Wimal

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COLOMBO (News 1st) – The alleged abduction of an official at the Swiss Embassy has received much global attention. The Ministry of Foreign Relations has issued a press release on an update regarding the alleged abduction of a Swiss Embassy Staffer.

The release noted that the Ambassador was presented with clear evidence that the sequence of events and timeline of the alleged incident, as formally presented by the Swiss Mission on behalf of the alleged victim to the CID, did not in any way correspond with the actual movements of the alleged victim on that date, as borne out by witness interviews and technical evidence, including Uber records, CCTV footage, telephone records and the GPS data.

The media release notes that investigations will continue to uncover the truth behind the alleged abduction.

Meanwhile, the convenor of the Mawbima Wenuwen Ranawiruwo organization Retired Major Ajith Prassana began a fast opposite the Swiss Embassy at 10:45 this morning. He demands that the official at the Swiss embassy should provide a statement to the Police.

Retired Major Ajith Prassana, Convenor of the Mawbima Wenuwen Ranawiruwo:

“A victim of a crime should not complain to the embassy, it is alright if they do complain but they must complain to the police. No statement has been given to the police. We do not know who she is. It is the ambassador who narrates a story said to have been told by her.

Investigations into what really happened revealed a different story. Why are they lying like this? They are preparing to bring false allegations against war heroes in Sri Lanka at the next Geneva sessions. So we demand that the police be allowed to conduct a just investigation into what really happened here.”

The General Secretary of the Rawana Balaya organization Ven. Iththakandhe Sadhdhathissa Thero and the general secretary of the Sinhale organization Ven. Madille Pangnyaloka Thero visited the location this evening.

UNP MP Rajitha Senerathne noted that a woman was taken in and threatened at gunpoint and she is still shocked by the events and she is in no condition to speak. He added that she is definitely not in a condition to provide a statement.

He went on to note that her cell phone was taken from her and all of the records from the phone were retrieved and released after 2 hours later.

He further added that they say that she did not provide a statement and the Switzerland embassy requested for an impartial investigation, they are also trying to take their entire family to Switzerland.

Wimal Weerawansa, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises and Entrepreneur Development, Industries and Supply:

“They are not allowing the police to record a statement from her. When the CCTV footage was checked nothing like that had happened in that area during that time frame. The duty of the Ambassador of Switzerland is to direct this woman who is said to have faced this incident to lodge a complaint at the police.

Anyone can see that this is all fiction. The Swiss Embassy gave protection to the CID officer named Nishantha and his entire family. He is the person who went after war heroes in the country. This is a story fabricated by them to bring disrepute to the country. We condemn this.”

Shehan Semasinghe, State Minister of Finance noted that he does not think continuing this investigation without recording a statement from the plaintiff would be successful.

He added however as a responsible government we have already commenced the investigations and state with conviction that the truth regarding this incident will be revealed to the general public in the near future.


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