Superfast henna artist Samina smashes world record!


A teacher has smashed the world record for the most henna armbands to be completed in an hour.

Samina Hussain, from Blackburn, was aiming to beat the record of 511 set by a London henna artist. 

Samina completed 600 henna armbands at Wensley Fold CE Primary Academy managing to get past the 511 mark after just 52 minutes.

The record-breaking attempt was supported by community group One Voice Blackburn.
Samina said: “I have been a henna artist for over twenty years, whilst managing a full time teaching career for the past 18 years.

“In order to improve my work-life balance and after reassessing my priorities over the pandemic, I decided I wanted to utilise my creative side more. 

“Whenever I would apply henna designs on brides or just generally, people always commented on how fast I was. This led me to wonder exactly how fast am I?”

Samina was assisted by a team of volunteers and Wensley Fold school pupils

Whilst researching the speed of her henna applications she visited Guinness World Records online and decided it was something she could replicate.

Samina, a former Wensley Fold school pupil, added: “With the support of my husband and close friends I have a fantastic network and without their involvement I feel I could never have made this attempt possible. 

“I’m grateful to my sponsors One Voice Blackburn for believing in me and am overwhelmed with their immediate support. I particularly want to thank each and every single volunteer who has taken time out to complete all the behind the scene tasks to make the attempt possible.”

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The record is listed as ‘the most henna armband tattoos in an hour’.

Saima Ashraf who helped to organise the event said: “The school has 258 pupils so each child had henna applied on both arms.

“Her record attempt was filmed and photographed before being sent to the adjudicators. In attendance were two other henna artists to check her work and six other expert witnesses.”

It will take five days before an official confirmation is sent from the Guinness Book of World Records and the record is verified.

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