Summer Recipes: How To Make 3-Ingredient Mango Squash In 2 Different Ways

Sweet, juicy mango is indubitably the king of fruits. Come summers and the urge to eat mango in every shape and form is quite real. Whether as a salad or dessert, as a drink or even raw – each mango recipe is better than the next. The best thing about the fruit is its versatility! When we think of mango drinks, the first recipe that pops to mind is a mango milkshake or a mango smoothie. We might even think of Aam Panna or Aam Ras as options to drink mango. But have you ever tried Mango Squash? This unique recipe can be made at home for a refreshing drink that can be prepared any time.

A squash is basically concentrated syrup, similar to the Indian sharbat. A small quantity is diluted with chilled water for a refreshing, any-time drink. There are many squash recipes out there, including lemon squash, orange squash and more. While various squash flavours can also be purchased from stores, why not make it at home this summer season? This mango squash recipe is the perfect way to make the most of mango season. With just three ingredients and two different methods, this mango squash recipe is truly a winner.

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Chilled mango squash can be easily made at home. 

How To Make Mango Squash In 2 Different Ways | Easy 3-Ingredient Mango Squash Recipe

The squash recipe requires mango juice, lemon juice and sugar. These three ingredients are combined in a pan in order to completely dissolve the sugar. This can be done either with the help of a gas stove or by putting it out in the sun for a couple of days. Stir well and store in airtight bottles.

How simple, right? Try this wonderful 3-ingredient mango squash recipe today.

Click here for the full step-by-step recipe of mango squash. 

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