Summer of 2021: All about natural diamond jewellery

“One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.” —Henry David Thoreau

The pandemic has shrouded the world and hearts of men and women in a wintery gloom that seems to have no end. With the world outside teeming with stories of despair, we also come across positive stories of resilience and indomitable courage to challenge. Just like a natural diamond that emerges from the depths of the earth, the human heart is truly wondrous, for it can create that summer of hope amid the gloom.

The impending lockdowns, long working hours, and social distancing protocols can weigh down your spirit. So, create that little summer in your mundane and daily moments. How? You can listen to your favourite music, take up holistic practices to transform your lifestyle and yes, team up your attire with precious and unique natural diamond jewellery.

It’s time for some serious business, but with some spark!

A natural diamond has the genuine power to transform any moment. If you miss the coffee table chit-chats at work and brainstorming sessions with your teammates, try creating that same feel while attending a virtual meeting from your home. Shake up all that lethargy and get dressed to add that inimitable impact even during a virtual meeting. You can confidently pick up a blazer in any solid colour and team it up with a pair of bold geometrical diamond studs to create that statement look. If it’s an informal virtual team get-together, you can probably play a little more with a formal shirt and daintily crafted layered diamond neckpiece. The idea is to create maximum impact with just a little sparkle here and there.

Huddle on the couch for a movie night, but don’t forget to shine

Transform a boring Saturday into a fun movie night with your partner. Arrange your favourite snacks to munch on, light perfumed candles, and set the mood to enjoy together. Oh yes, don’t forget to glam up yourself and push your loved one to do so too. Turn your mundane, boring movie nights into one red carpet event in your drawing-room. You can surprise everyone with an easy-breezy floral maxi dress and a pair of diamond hoops to complete your look

Pep-up your best friend’s virtual birthday party, shine bright

It is your best friend’s birthday party, and you cannot go and hug her. This year it’s different. Don’t let the lockdown spoil the mood for some fun-filled celebration. You still can order a cake from the best baker in town and get that delivered to your friend. You can still call your friends over a virtual meet and wish your friend. Pep up the party with your ruffle dress and a scintillating diamond tennis bracelet. If it’s a retro theme party, you probably team a chiffon saree with diamond cuff earrings. Every effort that you will put into deck up and make your friend feel loved will go a long way in creating some of the fondest memories of your life. And it is this spirit that makes you charming and indomitable just like a natural diamond.

So as the old adage says, “where there is a will, there always is a way” and you can never go wrong with something so authentic and precious as natural diamond jewellery. A natural diamond is extremely versatile, and every piece of diamond jewellery is a legacy in itself. So, get yourself a piece of diamond jewellery as a celebration of life itself in such uncertain times.

With inputs from Natural Diamond Council

Disclaimer: Content Produced by The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council

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