Subtle signs he is emotionally abusing you

Emotional abuse is a way to control another person by using emotions to criticize, embarrass, shame, blame, or otherwise manipulate another person. A relationship can be recognized as emotionally abusive if a consistent pattern of abusive words and bullying behaviors affects a person’s self-esteem and undermines their mental health. Emotional abuse can result in a feeling of worthlessness, trust issues, trouble expressing emotions, sleep disorders, trouble developing relationships with others, etc. Moreover, it is extremely hard to recognize emotional abuse. Thus, here is a look at subtle signs he is emotionally abusing you.

1. He makes jokes at your expenses
It is harmless when he teases you once in a while about how much you spend on things. However, it’s abusive for him to poke fun of you in public when you are out with friends or make you feel about yourself when you are trying to enjoy and have a good time.

2. He yells at you constantly
No matter what the reason is, yelling makes the recipient feel bad and undervalued. If your relationship hasn’t matured enough to get past yelling and communicate in a decent and understanding way, chances are he might be emotionally abusive.

3. He is derogatory towards you during a fight

If the words he uses during fights paint you as a villain or someone with low intelligence is unnecessary and cruel. Even if you don’t feel offended by it, your partner mustn’t be using any word that is derogatory in itself.

4. He makes you feel like a child

Even if you are older than him, or even more successful, he somehow makes you feel as if you have no say in matters. He believes that you are immature to handle stuff. For example, he tells you where you will celebrate your anniversary without even listening to you.

5. He makes fun of how you look

When he was trying to impress you, he was all filled with compliments and nice things to say about you. But he takes you for granted now and always puts you down. He is being mean when he constantly asks questions about your fashion choices or how you like to keep your hair.

6. He never listens to you
Even if you talk about something simple like your day at the office, he is focused on something else. And when you point it out to him, he behaves as if it is not a big deal, or that you are being too boring.

7. He leaves the scene when he doesn’t get his way
The moment he doesn’t get his way, he threatens to break up with you! This is typical childish behavior and is a way of manipulating you and emotionally abusing you. However, next time this happens, consider yourself broken up. Good relationships don’t work this way.

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