Sri Lanka needs investments for LNG power plants: Kanaka Herath

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COLOMBO (News 1st): State Minister Kanaka Herath says Sri Lanka needs further investments for more LNG power plants to be established in the country.

The State Minister alleged that the Opposition makes accusations according to their whims and fancies.

” The opposition always makes accusations according to their wishes. We opposed the sale of Hambantota Port, then they gave away more than 80% of it to a Chinese company. In the case of the LNG power plant, we are in need of investors due to the prevailing economical situation. Almost all countries are facing an economic crisis during this time. We can generate low cost, more efficient and eco-friendly power through LNG power plants. That is why we need investors and investments, ” He said.

The State Minister reiterated that no sale will take place with regard to the power plant.

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