Sonu Sood Is Back At Sonu Da Dhabha With A Sunday Special, Guess What Is It

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Sonu Sood is back at “Sonu Da Dhabha” with another scrumptious dish. The actor shared a video on Instagram and captioned it “Sunday Special”, where he’s seen familiarising his followers with the new offerings at the dhabha. In the clip, he says that the last time he had introduced his followers to tandoori roti. However, this time around, the tandoor menu has gotten bigger. Sonu says, “Last time jab aap aaye the uss samay variety hamare paas bahut kam thi, iss baar variety bahut zyaada hai (last time, there was a limited variety of rotis and naan, this time, we have a lot more on offer)”.

Sonu starts off by showing us the kind of breads they have — lachha paratha, butter naan, missi roti, cheese lachha paratha, plain naan, and plain roti. He, then, moves on to show the “gaddi” or the cloth pad used to spread the naan or roti dough into the tandoor (clay oven).

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After that, he demonstrates the process of naan-making. He takes the naan dough and places it on the “gaddi”, and then gradually into the oven while telling his followers that they need to be careful since it’s very hot. Using a pair of skewers, better known as “sariya” in Punjab, he proceeds to remove the puffed-up naan from the oven. “Itna badhiya naan aapne zindagi mein kabhi nahi khaya hoga (such amazing naan, you wouldn’t have had in your lifetime)”, he says. Finally, he applies a dollop of butter over the fresh-from-the-oven naan.

Before concluding, he says, “Aam aadmi ke liye, gareeb aadmi ke liye, ekdum free hai, aur jo ameer aadmi hai, usko double paise dene padenge kyunki gareeb ki tabhi to roti chalegi na (The food is free for the common man, while the rich have to shell out double the amount because that’s how we can provide food to the poor).”

Watch the video here:

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We admire Sonu Sood for combining his love for cooking with philanthropy. His dhabha menu has surely got us craving tandoor-cooked food. What about you?

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