Skin Care Trends 2021 | Skincare products that trended in 2021

2021 — the year of the Pandemic, became the period of going back to basics and living life in circumspect. The global outbreak made us realize the importance of the ecosystem, and how not to mess with the fragility of it. Greta Thunberg had a point when she said- we as a species, can no longer afford to make choices that are independent of consequence.

People became aware of the choices they made in every aspect of their lives – way of living, spending and eating habits, and even what they wore on their bodies and on their skin, thereby making conscious efforts. Everyone realised the importance of self-care. We also somehow, understood the harm we had caused to the environment, due to which a lot of natural & make-at-home DIY for skin and hair care came into being.

Now, if you are a skincare enthusiast like me, you must be aware of all the ingredients that took over 2021. If not, read on to find out.

Vitamin C

If there is something that might just be one of the top-shelves skincare ingredients, present in everyone’s vanities, it has to be Vitamin C! Apart from its glowing properties, it also regenerates and repairs the skin, giving it an instant radiance!


Retinol has been the talk of the town and a hot topic in the skincare industry today. It has made its way from being an unknown ingredient to one of the most demanded ingredients in skincare. We start seeing skin changes such as larger pores, initial uneven skin tone and pigmentation, fine lines on the upper face as we age. Add retinol in your skincare routines post 25 years of age to prevent further aging signs.

Hyaluronic Acid

The ‘it-ingredient’ in the beauty industry, which can also be said as the moisture-magnet is definitely an ingredient that has ruled the vanities, as it keeps the skin nourished, plump, and hydrated. I feel it is the right molecule that quenches the thirst of your skin while leaving it with a healthy glow.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid is the known Skincare Superhero that is one of the best ingredients to help banish acne woes. This spot-clearing acid comes formulated in a myriad of skincare products, from targeted treatments to toners, serums, and creams, and is legitimately a saviour for people with acne-prone skin out there!


Now, Niacinamide has been in the market for quite a while now. What I know is that this is a magic ingredient for people who want to treat their acne, acne spots and dryness. It is globally considered as the powerhouse of antioxidants that our body needs every day to fight all the signs of aging and prevent all early signs such as fine lines, spots, wrinkles, and under eye bags.


Since we keep collaborating with trending, topnotch, clean brands at Vanity Wagon, it came to our notice that a lot of brands are now venturing into using pro and prebiotics in skincare. Apparently, probiotic-infused products add bacteria to the skin and help it maintain its optimal balance. Although they are present in some skincare products presently, yet, they are going to be used exponentially as the research on prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics advances.


A dry skin saviour, and the trending hydrating ingredient you need to quench your skin’s thirst is Squalane (and not Squalene!) But do not get confused with Hyaluronic acid. Where both of them tend to appear in our bodies naturally (and are both trending ingredients), their benefits as skincare ingredients are different. Hyaluronic acid is great at holding in moisture already present in the skin while squalane replenishes dry skin by adding moisture.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most prolific botanical ingredients used for personal care that is mostly known by one and all. It is mainly known for its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. It wasn’t long ago when the beauty industry realised its potent, powerful use for treating almost anything and everything and therefore, can be safely called the Jack of all trades!


Collagen is basically protein, and proteins are already present and building blocks of our skin. However, as we age, the natural amount of collagen decreases. But ever since the discovery of collagen-boosting skincare products have come into being, we have seen fewer wrinkles and an increase in skin elasticity and firmness. Hence, you are bound to see the sudden increase in collagen based products in the present and future beauty industry.


Long before Bakuchiol was used in skincare products, it was already being used in Indian Ayurvedic treatments & ailments. It has antioxidizing and anti-aging properties. And if you’re connecting the dots here, it is definitely the new, natural, plant-alternative of Retinol!

Beauty Supplements

The rise in the number of oral skincare supplements is definitely going to trend in the coming years. People are getting more conscious about what they put onto their skin, as well as their bodies. And we’re not just talking about capsules. High-powered gummies and powders are the next wave of skincare supplements.

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