Sixteen Candles – "Long Duk Dong's Greatest Hits" – compilation

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This video is a compilation of all the memorable scenes Long Duk Dong (Gedde Wantanbe) appeared in, in the 80s classic comedy, Sixteen Candles. Scenes …

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43 thoughts on “Sixteen Candles – "Long Duk Dong's Greatest Hits" – compilation

  1. These days, Dong would not be allowed, the geeks would not be allowed, the good looking kids would all have to be humiliated, Sam's dad would have to be a tranny, and Sam would have to be obese.

  2. What a bunch of triggered baby snowflakes in this comment section. All over a harmless character in a movie. Pathetic. No wonder Western Civilization is falling apart with so many delicate sissies running around.

  3. Am I the only one who didn’t like the inclusion of his character in the movie? Not only was it racist, but it was just unnecessary, distracting, annoying, overdone and downright silly. To be honest, this whole movie seemed to be all over the place. It could have been much more memorable if they stuck to the central theme, and didn’t try so hard to be “funny”.

  4. Gotta love the 80's…. Movie is a classic. I love how it's rated PG and there's nudity and cuss words. That shit would never fly these day's. O how times have changed. ( for the worse )

  5. This is extremely racist right? Wrong.There is absolutely nothing “racist” about this. No one says he is bad or inferior. This is a stereotype. Please think of this before you accuse every racially insensitive film of being racist, as that is not true.

  6. I am Asian and I love the character Donger. The only thing that was stereotypical was the accent.

    Donger was a rebellious party animal and not shy which defies the stereotype of Asians as being reserved, obedient, and introverted. I would have rather partied with him; at least he had a blast. And I think he and Grandpa Fred had great chemistry.

  7. To all the people who took offense to this GREAT character: do you understand the difference between stereotyping and racism? This character was in good taste, and he was doing an impression of a South Korean friend. Sure it is stereotypical because THEY EXIST!!!

  8. I can only feel that after reading comments like these, such as "racist", that perhaps these are the reasons as to why we have such atrocious movies today. The 30 super hero films a year, all of which are marketing towards adults but are actually just children's films. The black and white (literally) comedy that consists of the white man being the complete bitch and the strong black guy coming along to show him what's, what! (Though no one complains about that racism).

    If you have a hard time watching a film with such innocent comedy like this, there is no way in hell you'll fair well in life. It's just not possible.

  9. They ripped off the gong from 'Breakfast at Tiffany's.' You think Dong is an over the top asian stereotyped character, check out Mickey Rooney.

  10. How is that girl supposed to be ugly? I'm 6'3" and would love to have a girl an inch or two below me that had some muscle. Now, if she was manly in any way, then hell no, but that girl didn't seem like that.

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