Sister Wives Reunite, Mostly Tear Each Other Apart in Tear-Filled Promo

robyn brown at the reunion

Tick… tick… tick…


Throughout Season 16 of Sister Wives, viewers have watched as Kody Brown as tried to implement a number of strict COVID-19 restrictions, many of which have not sat well with his spiritual spouses.

As a result, tension has been ratcheted up to an extreme level over the past several Sunday nights.

On January 30, however?

On next week’s finale/reunion special?

It sure looks as if things are gonna totally explode.

The main source of contention on this upcoming episode will take place between Robyn and Christine, as the former blames the latter for Christine’s marriage falling apart.

Christine Brown at the Reunion

“I don’t see why giving up is an option when you haven’t actually tried,” Robyn says in the official TLC preview, strongly implying that Christine simply walked away from her relationship without giving it a true shot.

This seems a bit ridiculous when you consider Christine and Kody were together for 25 years.

On the latest Sister Wives episodes, Kody even cited Christine’s “betrayal” as the reason for revoking her sex privileges.

Yes, he really told Christine they would no longer be intimate.

Kody Brown at the Reunion

“He goes, ‘I’m not interested in having an intimate marriage anymore. I don’t like your behavior. We’ll see if you can be a good sister wife,’ and all this,” explained Christine on air.

“I’m like, ‘Okay, so you don’t want us to have an intimate marriage?’ And he goes, ‘No.

“I’m like, ‘That’s not enough for me. I can’t not have an intimate marriage.'”

In response to Kody’s decree, Christine boxed up all her husband’s stuff and placed it in her garage.

Christine Brown Cries

At the reunion, Christine will even say that she and Kody “are divorced,” something that comes as quite a surprise to Kody.

“I never said, no, that we weren’t going to be intimate again,” Kody tells the host on stage, arguing that he was only temporarily withholding intercourse from Christine and she way overreacted.

“It’s the hardest time of my life,” Christine adds during her segment.

The host then asks Kody if he ever made it clear to Christine that he wanted her to stick around.

Christine Brown Gets Raw

“Did she ever hear you say, ‘I don’t want you to leave?’” the woman asks Kody.

“No,” responds Kody, because he’s a very selfish person.

In the end, as we all know, Christine announced on November 2 that she was done with her marriage.

In the weeks since, she’s made it very clear that she’s VERYY happy with this decision.

Sister Wives Season 16 Poster

As for Janelle?

She comes across  as rather unhappy in the reunion preview as well, which likely explains the following:

Sources say Janelle will be the next sister wife to leave Kody.

Let’s hope this is actually true!

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