Singer Jason Derulo Gives A Crazy Makeover To Doughnuts, Heres How

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There’s more to American songwriter, singer and dancer Jason Derulo than his funky songs. The multitalented celebrity can steal the show even when he’s in the kitchen. The Jalebi Baby singer keeps us updated with his kitchen adventures every now and then. His recent indulgence is a baffling dish made of doughnuts. You won’t recognize the doughnuts after the culinary makeover. Jason makes a layered dessert where doughnuts make the base. He adds white and wafers chocolate bars on top. Then he pours tins of condensed milk and covers the surface with French vanilla cake mix. In the end, Jason adds dollops of butter on top and sets it to bake in an oven. Jason garnishes the baked cake with chocolate syrup and cuts a scrumptious piece from it. Wondering what this mind-boggling dish looks like? Here’s Jason’s video:

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As the song Jalebi Baby by Jason Derulo and Tesher rose to popularity, Jason clarified what a jalebi is to his global fanbase. He not only showed them the Indian sweetmeat but walked them through the recipe in his quirky style. Jason made jalebis from scratch in his kitchen. Watch him do it in this video:

Jason Derulo can whip up a yummy chocolate pinata in no time. He makes two hollow chocolaty hemispheres and fills one up with molten chocolate, cookies, cream biscuits, chocolate, marshmallows, and strawberries. Then, he puts the two hemispheres together and decorates them with whipping cream. Then comes the surprise. Jason takes a hammer in his hands and smashes right on the chocolate shell. 

Look here how he does it:

Jason Derulo loves to have it the fun way. His food videos are not only about crazy experiments but also hilarious spoofs. Look how Jason “accidentally cheated” on his diet. The video shows Jason walking across his kitchen when he slips on a banana peel. Before we begin to wonder what’s going on, Jason strikes the packet of biscuits on the table with his hand. A slo-mo edit shows how the biscuit fell right into Jason’s mouth and a glass of milk poured over him right at that moment. There you go, Jason had a yummy accidental cheat day.

Kudos to Jason Derulo for his funky songs and entertaining food videos.

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