Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka – 29th August 2018 – सिलसिला बदलते रिश्तों का – Full Episode

Two best friends, one broken marriage, and a dangerously addictive affair! Follow the dramatic twists and turns in the lives of Mauli, her husband Kunal, and her …

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37 thoughts on “Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka – 29th August 2018 – सिलसिला बदलते रिश्तों का – Full Episode

  1. I jst dont understand. Nandini is pretty good, she has talking conscience. But kunal. Utter bullshit. If this feeling he feels for his wife bf is love. Then what did he feel for his wife? Lust? Why didnt he question himself more? Instead of blaming God. At this point, both of them shouldve come clean with mouli. Not like this. Forging a relationship behind the wifes back. Mouli trusted the both so much. At least if they feel their love deserves some amount of respect, they shuldve discussed it with mouli. I knw it will be difficult. But why did u 2 decide to honor yr deelings u trample another persons trust? Is that how yr feelings amt to? Then i will call this love utter bullshit. Kunal said after nandini leaves he would not live, then why didnt he die then n there when nandini died giving birth to pari? Feelings can change. It trascends time. Despite all after memory loss he was fine with getting back to mauli. The heck?!!. What is utter bullshit is this selfish kunals character. I do blame nandini. But she has minor role in it. How can u expect a womans life u snatched to look after yr daughter as well? Seriously, if u came out clean with yr feeling and made terms with mauli, then asking a thing like still a percentage acceptable. But no. They didnt do that shit.

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