Shefali Shah talks about being nervous every time she faces a camera

Shefali Shah, who recently made her mark with Delhi Crime, is an actress who can be counted on to give her best like everytime and there is no denying that. Every part she plays leaves a mark for sure. As an audience, everyone calls her acting skills effortlessly perfect, but guess what? She revealed that she is nervous every time she has to face a camera. The actress while talking to a news agency said that she always feels that she will not be able to pull off a scene when she enters a set to perform.

Shefali said, “It’s every single day I go to work. For me, it gets difficult to get out of the vanity van because I have this fear that I am going to stand there dumbfounded when the director says ‘action’. Not one day has gone by where I am not terrified. There is a fear that I might just not know.” Well, doesn’t look so from the other side, Shefali!

Shefali Shah

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