Shefali Shah recalls her in-laws questioning her about her demanding filming schedule


Shefali Shah recently recounted a couple of instances of casual sexism in her own home that perplexed her, including one instance when her in-laws questioned her demanding filming schedule. When her spouse, director Vipul Amrutlal Shah, is filming, such questions are never posed, according to the actor.

Shefali noted in a recent interview for the Woman Up series, “I’m not blaming anyone, they say stuff, and I’m just like ‘okay.’ Like I remember when Vipul goes to shoot, obviously nobody questions. But when I am shooting continuously, it’s like (in-laws asking) ‘again you have to go to shoot today?’ I’m like ‘are you serious, did I just get asked that question?’ Or you know (they say something) like ‘you are shooting for so many hours.’ (I’m like) ‘that’s how you work, how come that question is never asked of your son. But it doesn’t bother me.”

Shefali related another example about her mother-in-law being uncomfortable with her son Vipul, a well-known film director, doing dishes at his house. During the lockdown due to the coronavirus epidemic, the actor stated she had become an expert at household chores, but her mother-in-law was perplexed by her husband’s participation in certain housework.

She stated, “I remember once Vipul was doing the dishes, my mother-in-law was standing behind him. None of us wanted her to do it because she is our elder. And I remember her saying- ‘itna bada director bartan ghas raha hai (such a reputed director is doing dishes). I thought it was so hilarious, and I am thinking in my mind ‘ye actress bartan ghas rahi hai ye khayal kabhi nahi aayega (the thought that this actress is doing dishes will never come to her mind). Vipul and I almost fell over laughing just hearing it.”

 Shefali Shah

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