Shahid Kapoor accepts there are films he regrets doing, reveals how his Jersey is different from Nani-starrer

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Actor Shahid Kapoor is enjoying the love he is receiving from his fans after the release of Jersey’s trailer. The actor on Saturday went live on his Instagram account to answer his fans’ questions related to the film, which is a Hindi remake of a Telugu film with the same name. While the remake stars Shahid, the original starred Nani in the lead role.

During the live, one of the fans asked Shahid about shooting the iconic railway station scene of the Gowtam Tinnanuri directorial. In response to the question, Shahid described the experience as “scary.” He went on to praise how Jersey felt like a story that needed to be told to the Hindi audience as well. Calling himself a fan of the original, Shahid said that even though he didn’t wanted to take up yet another remake after Kabir Singh, Jersey resonated with him, which is why he signed it up.

“I am a fan of the original film. I loved the way Nani performed. I didn’t wanted to do another remake. I was looking for a story that was worthy, different and fresh. This one stayed for me. It resonated with me. Remakes are not easy. There is a sense of responsibility to not spoil people’s memory related to the original. It is far more challenging. This story was worthy of being told. It inspired and taught me something that I am going to keep with myself for life,” he said, revealing that the shoot of the film happened in Chandigarh where the cricket part was shot in Mohali.

Describing his character, Shahid said he has tried to “keep my character very different from the original.” Interestingly, Jersey also stars Shahid’s father and veteran actor Pankaj Kapur in the role of a cricket coach. Talking about sharing the screen space with him, Shahid said the experience was “very scary and intimidating” because he is “a goddamn legend.” He said more than intimidating, he felt a “sense of responsibility to not let him down.” He also revealed that their on-screen bond is also very “interesting” in the film.

The 40-year-old recalled his strongest memory of Jersey that will remain with him forever. He said his strongest memory is “that I will never look the same again.” Recalling his prep-time for the film, Shahid said he was taking himself very seriously and wanted to play like a legit cricketer. However, one of these times, he chose not to wear his helmet and got his lower lip hurt. Calling it “the stupidest decision,” Shahid said, “I busted my lower lip due to which I had to take 2 months break from the shoot. I got 25 stitches. So, I have literally given blood to the film. This film is special, very special.”

On a final note, Shahid praised his co-star Mrunal Thakur. “She is a bundle of talent and a promising actor. I see a bright future for her,” Shahid said, giving her a career advice that unlike him, who has done films he regrets now, he hopes “she makes the right choices.”

The Hindi remake of National Award winning film, Jersey will release in theaters on December 31.

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