Scott Disick Creeps Fans Out With Nearly-Nude Pic of Amelia Hamlin

amelia hamlin looks like khloe kardashian

It’s almost impossible to talk about the relationship between Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin without discussing the major age difference between these two.

In case you somehow haven’t heard, Scott is 38, and Amelia is only 19.

So yes, he’s twice her age, and old enough to be father, and the whole thing is gross AF.

We’d be fine with the situation if they were, say, 40 and 59.

But the fact is, Amelia is more or less a child, and Scott is the father of three children, and it’s just a nauseating situation no matter how you look at it.

And we’re not the only ones who feel this way.

Amelia Celebrates Scott's Birthday

It seems that Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend, Travis Barker, thinks Scott’s relationship is creepy.

We can see why Barker might hold that opinion, given that he’s raising two teenagers himself.

Of course, Kourtney and Scott have three kids together, so Travis’ disapproval might make for some awkward pick-up/drop-off situations.

Amelia Hamlin With Scott

But more on that later.

You would think that Scott would downplay the creepier aspects of his relationship.

But no, his favorite activity these days is taking to Instagram to remind everyone that he’s banging someone who’s not old enough to buy a drink.

Amelia Hamlin Is Almost Naked

Scott posted the above photo on Instagram earlier this week.

Judging by the comments, some followers thought Amelia was naked at first sight, but no … she’s covered up by the occasional strip of fabric here and there.

“A little higher, almost there,” Scott captioned the pic.

Amelia Gray Hamlin Photo

So the joke is that Scott is encouraging Amelia to keep reaching so that he can continue to ogle her.

Take a second to imagine how you would feel if a non-famous almost-40-year-old dude posted this kind of stuff about a teenager.

At first, Amelia’s mother, Real Houseives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna, disapproved of the relationship.

Amelia Gray in the Shower

But amazingly, it seems that she’s had a change of heart in recent weeks.

We’re sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Scott is obscenely wealthy due to his decade as a reality star and his many real estate investments.

As for Scott’s other biggest critic — it looks as though Travis won’t be changing his mind about the situation anytime soon.

Travis Barker in 2020

And not surprisingly, his views have driven a wedge between Scott and Kourtney (who, it should be noted, apparently approves of Disick sleeping with teenagers).

Because of Travis’ disapproval, one insider says, Scott and Kourtney have been speaking as infrequently as possible, which is a major change.

For most of the years that they’ve been separated, they’ve managed to maintain a close friendship and a civil co-parenting relationship.

Scott and Amelia Are Dating

The source tells In Touch that Scott has backed off because he “understands how serious Kourtney and Travis’ relationship is,” 

“It’s definitely the most serious relationship she’s ever been in — aside from Scott — and some could argue it’s the most mature relationship she’s ever been in in her whole life,” says the insider.

Ah, a mature relationship — sounds like the sort of thing Scott should try out someday!

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