Savour The Authentic Flavours Of Italy With La Piazzas New Menu

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La Piazza is a refreshingly large restaurant with a contemporary vibe that borders on glamourous. Nestled in the classy Hyatt Regency, New Delhi, stepping into La Piazza feels like stepping back into a bygone era of Italian glamour with wooden tables, white and brown furnishings, low lighting and open kitchens that serve both pizzas and mains. It is sophisticated without being ostentatious and the vibe of the place is perfect for a romantic evening. The restaurant that gave Delhiites a taste of Italy’s famous regional delicacies is giving its patrons a reason to rejoice with its new menu. It’s one that will make you want to come back to try their exclusive dishes since I bet you won’t be able to have it all in a single visit.

Battuto Di Asparagi


Insalata trentina

Curated by Chef Daniele Macioce, the new menu at La Piazza is extensive and featured some eclectic dishes like spaghetti alla busara, pan seared tenderloin tagliata, zucchini linguine, tortino di funghi and others. Starters are elevated by the fabulously-fresh quality of ingredients used. We started off with Insalata trentina, Battuto Di Asparagi and Cappesante Scottate from Anitpoasti section. While Insalata trentina is a beautiful assortment of greens, red cabbage, green apple, walnut, roasted pumpkin and apple vinaigrette, Battuto Di Asparagi is a delicious combination of asparagus tartar, fried egg yolk, parmesan and truffle fondue. Undoubtedly, the highlight was Cappesante Scottate – pan-seared scallops, green apple sauce, marinated fennel.


Cappesante Scottate


Gammeroni fartinati con pate e carciofi grigliati

In the main course, we tried Ravioli con ripieno di parmigiano and Gammeroni fartinati con pate e carciofi grigliati. Ravioli had us hooked. With perfect creamy pesto flavours, I may come back to just try this! Pizzas are, of course, intentioned as the main draw. The iconic La Piazza ‘The Original’ vegetarian pizza is a hit with patrons since time immemorial. The thin crust pizza came topped with roasted garlic, goat cheese, pesto and sun-dried tomatoes that left us asking for more.


‘The Original’ veg pizza

To finish on a fittingly theatrical note, we tried Crema Fritta Alla Veneziana – traditional deep-fried Ventian cream, forest berry sauce topped with vanilla ice cream – this dessert is a must-try if you dine here.


Crema Fritta Alla Veneziana

The overall vibe of La Piazza is poised and rustic. So, the next time if you feel like sampling some delicious Italian food in the town, La Piazza at Hyatt Regency, New Delhi is the perfect place to be. The food here will stay on your mind long after you have left. Buon appetito!

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