Satiate Your Seafood Cravings At These US Destinations

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Food and travel go hand-in-hand. Alongside exploring the unknown lanes of a new destination, we also love experiencing their cuisine too. If you are like us, then this article is just for you. Travellers looking for an exemplary culinary experience on their vacation will find a lot to explore in the United States of America. If you’re dreaming about an unforgettable, seafood-filled adventure, look nowhere else. Here are several destinations in the USA where you can get fresh, wild, and delicious seafood.

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3 Food Destinations In The USA:

1. Louisiana

You can experience four traditional seafood seasons in Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s capital city: blue crab, prized in winter; a freshwater crustacean that peaks in spring; oysters, a summer delicacy; and shrimp, with different varieties sought throughout the year.

Known as Louisiana’s largest seafood market, Tony’s Seafood is where you can buy fresh catch and spice mixes or opt for a hot lunch. Tony’s features all of the classic seafood Po-boys, seafood boxes filled with fresh catches, and even seafood gumbo by the gallon. The fact that it’s a market as well as a restaurant allows you to taste the dishes or cook it up yourself. It is also a good place to sample Cajun favorites such as boudin.

Jolie Pearl Oyster Bar sources oysters from Louisiana and beyond and offers baked, grilled, seasoned, raw and almost any other way you can serve an oyster. For the adventurous types, Jolie Pearl offers a variety of toppings including Rum Mango Salsa, Cucumber Mignonette and Grapefruit Lemon Granita. They also serve oysters from the West Coast, Gulf Coast and East Coast served several different ways.

Even City Pork, a modern take on Louisiana’s traditional meat markets, works seafood into its menu. Their seasonally-inspired menu strives to blend indigenous culinary delights such as rabbit, duck and fresh Gulf Seafood, with modern cooking techniques.

2. Hawaii

Take a culinary tour of the islands and sample some of the freshest seafood on Earth. Head to Sansei in Waikiki for their take on Hawaiian-style raw ahi tuna topped with Maui sweet onion, sprouts and tossed in a spicy sauce.

Get a taste of fresh local produce and find unique handmade goods at farmers markets on Oahu. The Kapiolani Community College Farmers’ Market is the perfect place to enjoy locally grown Oahu products, including aqua-cultured seafood, North Shore beef, Manoa honey, among other things.

At Roy’s restaurants, fresh local ingredients blend perfectly with European sauces and bold Asian spices, and there’s always a focus on seafood. You’ll find a tantalizing range of appetizers, entrées and fresh fish dishes.

Expect stellar fish and seafood in Kihei and Paia towns of Maui. Don’t miss Mama’s Fish House for the freshest mahi mahi (dolphin fish), ono (wahoo), ahi (yellow-fin tuna) and more. The menu changes daily and it even tells you which fisherman caught what you’re about to eat, and where.

Paia Fish Market is a nautical-themed spot with indoor picnic tables, well-known for its fish burgers and plate lunches. As its name suggests, this place specializes in fish: just-caught, fresh-off-the-boat local seafood, prepared exactly the way you like it. The Fresh Catch plates are a good starting point: you can choose your fish (mahi mahi, ahi, snapper), how you want it prepared (grilled, sautéed, Cajun-style), and your sides (rice, home fries, or French fries).

3. Massachusetts

Bring your appetite when you visit Massachusetts, as this destination offers delicious cuisine and mouth-watering seafood. Whet your appetite with fresh seafood from the Atlantic, like steamed lobster, fried clams, or New England/the-only-acceptable-kind-of clam chowder. Casual seafood shacks serve the quintessential tastes of Massachusetts in late spring and summer. The menus are chock-full of native clams, mussels, oysters, lobster and fish, especially haddock.

For a delicious way to spend the day, go on a Yummy Walks Tour and dine on the most mouth-watering cuisine found in Boston. It offers a fun and delicious walking, food tasting, and discovery experience. Choose from tours that include the Freedom Trail, the North End/Little Italy, and Seafood and “Chowda.” The Seafood and “Chowda” tour will take you along the Boston Harbor waterfront where you will explore the Seaport District, stopping along the way to sample some of Boston’s freshest seafood and chowders.

Cape Cod and its islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are celebrated for their unadulterated beaches and inns serving straight-from-the-ocean seafood. Getting to both of the islands is easy: Simply hop aboard a ferry from Hyannis, a port town on the southern coast of Cape Cod. East Dennis Oyster Farm is a popular spot for oyster lovers. The oysters are raised free of pesticides in off-bottom trays. For the freshest East Dennis Oysters, order them to eat at Chapin’s Restaurant, Ocean House, Chapin’s Fish ‘n Chips, Cape Sea Grille and the Clean Slate Eatery.

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