Sandwell Council leader says her own party is racist and corrupt


THE LEADER of Sandwell Council has accused her opponents in the Labour Party of corruption, racism and misusing public money as she announced her resignation.

In a blistering attack on the ‘old white, men’ within her own party Cllr Yvonne Davies stepped down after party officials suspended her membership following claims she re-tweeted messages alleged to be anti-Semitic in nature.

Speaking at the end of the council’s cabinet meeting, she said: “For the record I am not anti-Semitic. I am horrified that I might even be considered so to be.”

Saying she had not been given the opportunity to defend herself before being suspended, she added: “I could have apologised for my historic mis-judgement.  

“Maybe it is because I am a woman, possibly as its because I’m a strong woman.”

Attacking what she described as corruption in the council she said investigations, begun since she was elected leader, had uncovered widespread misconduct.

She added: “People should be in no doubt at all. Some of those findings are truly shocking, including  cover-ups, misuse of public funds, reports being leaked, use of private emails to cover up, lies being told too.

“Clear racism.”

She is the second political leader of the council to be removed from the party position in 18 months after former leader Steve Eling was forced to step down following his suspension in 2018.

She ended her speech by saying Cllr Maria Crompton will now become the temporary council leader. 

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