Samina Ahmad & Manzar Sehbai Talk About Wedding & First Meeting

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Samina Ahmad & Manzar Sehbai both make an adorable couple, the two got married in 2020. Fans loved the news and their couple soon after the two announced about their wedding. Both are very well-known names of media industry who don’t need any introduction.

Recently, the adorable couple appeared in an interview with BBC Urdu where they talked everything about their wedding. Talking about the decision to marry each other Manzar Sehbai said, “we were in our homes in Covid, people might have gotten married because of Covid, yes, the situations were hard at that time and our wedding was a good news, it was a matter of shock for people when they saw our wedding but we didn’t decide it because of covid, we didn’t think about world and what others will think, we did it for ourselves, we thought about us and went for it with simplicity, also, simplicity was observed because we didn’t get any sponsors, those who go for lavish weddings are the ones who get tons of sponsors, you wear expensive clothes and everything but there wasn’t any scene like that”
Samina Ahmad & Manzar Sehbai Talk About Wedding & First Meeting

Further talking about Samina he said that she is a free person like him and after knowing that she was like him, who have had a life, an experience, who learnt a lot and is a free soul, he was happy to be with her, also, when you reach a certain level of experience you need companion and if you know about him/her then it becomes easy to get along.

Samina Ahmed said, “it’s a great experience, you tend to explore each other, you discover new things together, you accept the other person with differences and similarities, there is a richness in this relationship,it is beautiful”

Talking about their first meeting, Samina Ahmad said, “We met on the sets of Dhoop Ki Deewar”

Samina Ahmad & Manzar Sehbai Talk About Wedding & First Meeting

Samina Ahmad & Manzar Sehbai Talk About Wedding & First Meeting

“I asked Samina where have you been wandering, go outside explore world, experience things”, said Manzar Sehbai while laughing. She said that they talked on phone a lot and then decided.

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