Salman Khan’s Fitness Expertise: People Who Use Steroids Misuse Them

Salman Khan Fitness

There is no gainsaying that Salman Khan is a fitness fanatic. From a tailored protein-heavy diet to a strict bodybuilding regimen, the Bollywood Bhaijaan keeps fans up to date with his hardcore fitness routine through videos and pictures on Instagram. While he is all for being in shape and working towards a lean and toned physique, the Dabangg actor slammed those who use steroids to gain weight and muscle, while speaking at a fitness event on Sunday. However, he did encourage fans to consume protein shakes and supplements instead to achieve their goal. “People who actually use steroids misuse them, which is bad for their body and health,” said Salman.

Salman Khan

He continued, “No one should use steroids. People don’t actually use it; instead, they misuse steroids, which is very bad for their body and for them. I have seen many who pass out while working out in the gym. It can be because of anything, ranging from heart failures to something more critical. Therefore, it’s not a good thing to use them at all.”

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Salman Khan

Salman is known for his intense body transformations in films such as Sultan. “Protein shakes and a few supplements are fine, but steroids with higher magnitude are a big no-no. A body made with such things doesn’t look real. People can make out it’s not natural and is built with the help of steroids. Such packs or biceps don’t last long and same goes for the people who use steroids,” he stated. While his work routine is hectic, Salman ensures to head to the gym when he is off duty. “Whether it is during shoots, before breakfast, after dinner or in between any task, I make sure to go to the gym,” he noted. Salman is currently working on the third installment of Dabangg opposite Sonakshi Sinha, with the film slated to release on December 20 this year. 

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