Rozila Kana: Role models such as Detective Inspector Mussarat Khan are much needed


More and more strong women are playing active roles in changing our society and our history.

Research shows that employers who create inclusive cultures and value diversity are more innovative and more likely to get the best out of their people.

Inclusion and valuing difference is not a standalone initiative, but it is central to everything we do.

Whether that is investigating crimes, supporting victims and witnesses, developing policy and guidance, people initiatives, communications or procurement.

This month I would like to introduce Detective Inspector Mussarat Khan, a female police officer who works hard for the organisation to keep the public safe.

Mussarat Khan has 22 years policing experience working for Lancashire Constabulary.

She joined the police force at a time when it was very rare for a young Muslim female to consider joining an organisation that was predominantly white, male and middle class.

On her first day she arrived at Blackburn Police Station, which was her first posting, and wondered what she had done.

But true to Mussarat’s personal resilience and strength, she stayed on loyally attached to the force.

Subsequently, she has worked in all areas of policing from uniformed front line policing, Community Beat Manager, Criminal Investigations Department, Special Branch, Force Major Investigation Team, Public Protection Unit and Counter Terrorism Policing North West.

She describes her most memorable time was while working as a Detective Constable in Blackburn Criminal Investigations Department (CID) when she worked alongside some amazing people, dealing with significantly complex investigations.

Of this role she said: “It was relentless but the job satisfaction, team ethos and experiences were second to none.”

Mussarat added: “The police force has changed considerably from when I joined both internally and externally and there have been many challenges along the way in my rollercoaster journey.

“What I will say is that I could not have done this job without the love and support of my family, which initially, they were reluctant to give, due to the fear of the unknown and uncertainty of what the role would bring.

“Would I do it all again? I ponder this question often and the answer is ‘yes’.

“It has made me what I am today and I am proud of everything I have achieved as a police officer including being a daughter, wife and a mother.”

Mussarat is one of the outstanding police officers in the organisation.

It goes without saying that we need to be the change that we want to see and we hope to see more women like Mussarat at all levels of society.

If you need any information about Lancashire Constabulary, please visit the website at If you are interested in joining the police, please email the team on or visit the website

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