RM, J-Hope cringe in embarrassment as James Corden tries to teach BTS dance moves at crosswalk: ‘Out of his mind’


BTS members were rather perplexed when Late Late Show James Corden asked them to perform on the crosswalk at Beverly Boulevard and Genesee Avenue in Los Angeles. BTS, comprising RM, Suga, Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook and J-Hope, have been in LA for their Permission To Dance concert.

In a new video shared by James Corden, V was rather baffled at the set-up. However, an enthusiastic Corden was determined to get the band to perform, and even tried to teach them his moves, which left them cringing in embarrassment. Corden said, “J-Hope let me teach you some choreo,” and performed some peculiar acrobatics. RM hid his face and V said, “He’s out of his mind…” J-Hope tries to show him his moves, but Corden instead says that a mix of both would be better.

At the crosswalk, BTS performed Butter while by-standers stared in confusion. Corden handed out butter slabs for free, and a rather disgruntled Suga told the camera, “One of us should have told Corden that our song Butter isn’t really about butter…” As soon as the signal turned green, the band had to rush back to the pavement, and Corden even carried Jimin on his back.

After this, BTS performed Permission To Dance and then Dynamite, while the crowd cheered on and took photos. At the end of the video, an excited Corden told BTS that they would be back the next day, as they have 155 more nights to perform. Jin, speaking in Korean, gave a thumbs up and said, “We would never do that!” The other members followed suit, and also said, while giving a thumbs up, that they’d never do something like this again.

BTS and James Corden share a special relationship, as they have been on his show several times. Corden is especially fond of Jimin, and calls him ‘Baby Mochi’, while Jimin refers to him as Papa Mochi.

BTS has had a golden year, as their songs Butter, Permission To Dance and My Universe–which is a collaboration with Coldplay–dominated the Billboard Top 100 chart.

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