Restaurant Owner Drives 6 Hours To Cook Cancer Patients Favourite Dish, See Viral Post

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The internet may seem to be a negative place at times; however, there are some rays of positivity which shine through. Recently, we saw the news of how a restaurateur helped raise money to fulfil his friend’s ailing mother’s wish to visit the pyramids in Egypt. And now, another such incredible act of kindness is winning the hearts of internet users. The owners of Ekiben, a restaurant based in Baltimore, USA, received a food request from a cancer patient’s family, and they personally drove 6 hours to Vermont to make the dish for her. Take a look at the viral Facebook post here:

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The photo of the heart-warming story was shared by Zeke Cohen, who captured the screengrab of the story from a private Facebook group called ‘Canton Neighbours’. It went viral, receiving over 500 likes and 125 shares. “I always point to Ekiben as a business that always models respect for community and treats people with love. Plus their food is amazing. Read this, eat their tofu nuggets, and try not to cry,” wrote Cohen in the caption of the post.

In the picture, the writer narrates how his mother-in-law lived in Vermont and would often come visit his wife in Baltimore. Every time she visited and was in town, the Tempura Broccoli at the local Ekiben restaurant was a must-have for her. She jokingly said that if she was on her deathbed, the fusion Broccoli would be one dish which she would want to have. In a sad twist of fate, the story ‘took a turn for the worst’ as she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

“We’re making a trip this weekend to potentially say our goodbyes and enjoy some time with her,” wrote the user. He further explained that he contacted the owners of Ekiben to share the recipe of the Tempura Broccoli so that the family could cook it for her one last time. However, the generous owners of Ekiben, Steve Chu and his partner Ephrem Abebe, offered to drive six hours in order to make it and serve it to her fresh. “Thanks for reaching out. Ephrem and I are more than willing to meet you guys in Vermont, and make the food fresh so it will be just like what she remembered,” they responded. The writer concluded his post saying, “There’s still hope for humanity.”

The writer of the post as well as social media users were in shock after seeing this incredible act of kindness for the cancer patient. “That’s one of their secret ingredients…the food is made with love,” commented one user while another said, “What wonderful human beings. Will always be a huge fan and patron of Ekiben!”

The gesture comes after the restaurant industry has been struggling to make ends meet in the post-pandemic era. What did you think of this wonderful and generous gesture by the US restaurant? Tell us in the comments below.

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