Reema Khan is against airing of Turkish series

Reema Khan 8

The Turkish drama series Dirilis Erugrul has achieved the highest level of success and people are loving it. After the massive hit of Ertugrul, Pakistani artists are not happy with it. Earlier Shaan Shahid raised his voice to support the local actors and opposed airing of Turkish drama serials.

Recently, Reema Khan in her Ramzan transmission supported Shaan Shahid and she wants the government to support local artists.

She said, “Our artist Shaan raised his voice that on our national channel we should not air content of another country.”

“When you have our own content, and your own artists are sitting at home but still you are buying content from others and promoting it. This thing hurts so much. Because the artists of this country are paying tax, not foreign artists.”

“I think we should support local industry and I stand with Shaan Sahid because he spoke the truth,” she added.

Even the guest of the show Madiha Naqvi agreed with her and said, “Our theatre plays are so good but they are not anymore, so we should promote our artists.”

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