Queen Elizabeth II is 95 years old! Here’s the secret behind her long life


Born to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1926, Queen Elizabeth II is undoubtedly one of the most renowned and respected public figures in the world. Not only is she the longest reigning monarch in British history, but she has also been served by 14 Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom during her reign, the first being her favourite, Winston Churchill.

Even at the age of 95, she continues to perform her royal duties, devoting her life to the service of her country and her people. While her patience, perseverance and resilience through the years is commendable, the secret to her long, healthy life is what makes people extremely curious.

Unravelling it all for you, here’s a glimpse of the Queen’s daily routine and regimen and how she continues to live a sound, healthy life.

Photo: Instagram/theroyalfamily

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