putin: Russian President Putin says sees ‘positive’ US response to Russia security proposals

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RUSSIA: President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that Washington’s willingness to discuss Russia’s security proposals to curb NATO’s eastward expansion was “positive”, amid Western fears over a major military escalation in Ukraine.
Russia last week presented the United States and NATO with draft proposals, summarising its demands in return for a de-escalation of tensions over ex-Soviet Ukraine.
The documents said that NATO must not admit new members into the military alliance and called for no military bases to be established in ex-Soviet countries.
“There must not be any eastward NATO expansion,” Putin told journalists at his annual end-of-year press conference.
“The ball is in their court. They need to provide us with some answer,” he said, but added: “Overall we see a positive reaction.”
“US partners told us that they are ready to begin this discussion, these talks, at the very start of next year in Geneva,” Putin said, adding that representatives from both sides have been appointed.
Russia’s far-reaching demands were dismissed by several members of the US-led alliance.
Washington said it was open for discussions but is yet to provide a detailed response to Moscow’s proposals.
Western governments have accused Moscow of massing troops near its border with eastern Ukraine, where Kiev has been fighting pro-Russia separatists since shortly after the annexation of Crimea in 2014.
The United States and Europe have warned Russia that it risks unprecedented sanctions should Putin launch a military attack on NATO ally Ukraine.

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