Protestors gather outside Bolton Town Hall for Palestine


HUNDREDS of protestors have gathered in Bolton town centre in support of Palestinians following conflict between Israel and Gaza.

People are demonstrating outside of the town hall on Saturday afternoon with Palestinian flags and placards displaying messages supporting Palestine.

Police officers are monitoring the protest, which occupies the whole of Victoria Square.

One protester explaining why he was here said: “Because we are protesting against Israeli occupation. 

“To free the Palestine, stop Israelis killing innocent people, women and children.

“Destroying their homes and kicking them out of their homes.”

Another protestor, Ibrahim, said: “We are here to show solidarity for the Palestinians because this has been going on for a very long time.

“These Israelis are coming and bombing them, throwing grenades and these Palestinians have done absolutely nothing wrong, they have been shooting at them and all sorts.

“We are here to show support for these Palestinians because no one deserve to live in such a cruel way these people are living in.

“And all these people, the Palestinians are not getting any justice– they said there was a ceasefire last night but it clearly didn’t last long.

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“I would encourage anyone. Anywhere, if you’ve organised a protest and there’s a ceasefire don’t stop protesting, continue to protest, continue to raise your voice, continue to raise your voice until your heard.

“Continue until the UK government takes action, until these politicians begin to take action.

“That’s my message to everyone, don’t stop protesting because they are living under occupation and they deserve to be free.”

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: “Police are aware of a demonstration currently taking place at Victoria Square in Bolton today Saturday May 22.

“Officers are in attendance to maintain safety whilst facilitating the right to lawful protest.”

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