Prince Harry & Meghan Markle purchase Mel Gibson’s USD 14.5 million Malibu home?


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently bid farewell to their status as part of the Royal Family. The two wanted to lead a more more financially independent lifestyle along with their 11 month old son Archie. While one would assume that with the coronavirus situation at large around the world, the couple would have stayed in Canada but surprisingly, the trio moved their base to LA and reportedly are staying at a heavily guarded Malibu mansion.

According to a news portal in the US, Harry and Meghan have recently purchased Oscar Winning actor Mel Gibson’s five-bed USD 14.5 million Malibu home. Rumours of the deal began doing rounds a while back ever since an estate agent shared a tweet about the same before deleting it. Even though the agent was not connected with the property in anyway, it spread like wildfire. Another US weekly reported that as of now the two are setting up calls and virtual meetings with agents and will make take the plunge in the coming summer or fall. The report also claims that Harry and Meghan moved to the States since they wanted to be closer to the deal makers.

Well, here’s wishing the lovely duo the best of luck for their new chapter in life.

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