Preston businessman wants to raise £1m for NHS


A Preston businessman has launched an appeal to raise £1m for his local NHS.

Yousuf Bhailok says he wants to raise £1m for hospitals as they look to contain the coronavirus.

Speaking in a video filmed at midnight (last night) at his home he said, “Life and death as Muslims we know is dictated by God but whilst we are here, it is in the hands of the doctors and the nurses and the medical professionals and our local hospitals and the NHS.

“We are thankful that in this country we have the NHS and the skilled doctors, and the government is trying to get the necessary ventilators, the PPE equipment and so forth and Inshallah they will be equipped very soon.

“We need to support the NHS staff, the doctors and nurses. So, I am going to launch an appeal to raise immediately for our Preston staff – the first target is £1 million. That £1m is to go towards the full support of the NHS staff in whatever food provisions and whatever else we can assist.”

He added, “We need to contribute to this city and country in any way we can.

“What I see in Italy, Spain and in France will soon arrive at our doorstep. We pray for these victims and the medical professionals.”

A bank account will be opened in the morning and where people can make their donations.

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