Pratik Sehajpal calls himself ‘extreme’, promises he ‘will never fake a romance on Bigg Boss OTT’

pratik sehajpal bigg boss ott

Happy, excited and full of energy, Pratik Sehajpal could not wait to enter Bigg Boss OTT house. His enthusiasm was evident on the premiere night as he had run-ins with many of the people he will be living with for the next month and a half. It started with Shamita Shetty and escalated as he took on Ace of Space costar Divya Agarwal. Finally, host Karan Johar had to step in and ask him to take it down a notch.

Before entering the house, the Delhi boy spoke to and shared that he is not participating to survive but win the game. “Surviving is for the weak, I believe in making the most of it,” he shared, adding that the theme of ‘bolder and crazier’ suits his personality best.



“I have always been bold and do not shy away from putting across my thoughts. I can’t even tell you how crazy I am as a person. I would warn everyone that they are up for a challenge with me around. I am an extreme person, and while it could be taken as a weakness, I consider it my biggest strength,” shared Pratik.

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Ask him why the audience should vote for him, and the Love School fame shared, “Because I will give my 2000 percent. I am real and believe in justice, and every Indian will support me. I am confident that not just Bigg Boss OTT but I will also win Bigg Boss 15 trophy.”

Interestingly, Pratik Sehajpal was supposed to enter the reality show last season along with former girlfriend Pavitra Punia. Sharing that he was already under a contract so could not do the show. “Till the time my commitment got over, it was already very late. I think whatever happens, it’s always for the best,” he shared.


As for his equation with Pavitra, he shared that they both have moved on and there’s nothing much to say, “Whatever transpired between us has been in public. Yes, we both had quite an aggressive and passionate relationship but it’s all in the past now. She is a hard-working woman, and I respect her.”

Pratik is also unfazed about his past being brought up in the show to trigger him, or even spoil the game as he feels he hasn’t done any wrong. He added that he has never lied or hidden any facts, so nothing can break him on the show.

Given the actor has earlier been part of another captive reality show Ace of Space, we wondered if that would be an advantage for him. Sharing that since both shows are very different, he doesn’t feel that his experience will give him an edge. “The people, task, atmosphere everything is different. What could work for me is that I am real, honest and fearless. Whatever is in my heart is on my lips,” he said.

On Love School, he was quite a romantic but Pratik is sure that he will never use the romance card on Bigg Boss OTT. “I have a lot of love in my heart and if that happens, I think it will become iconic. However, I will never fake it for the cameras. I am there for the game and I can handle things alone,” he said.

Pratik Sehajpal is a Salman Khan fan. On being asked to comment on the digital version’s host, he smiled to say, “He is a great filmmaker and a ‘johari’ who can find and make stars. I think I will be up for a break in one of Dharma films post the show.”

Bigg Boss OTT streams on Voot and has Shamita Shetty, Raqesh Bapat, Neha Bhasin, Zeeshan Khan, Ridhima Pandit, Karan Nath, Urfi Javed, Divya Agarwal, Akshara Singh, Pratik Sehajpal, Nishant Bhatt, Muskaan Jattana and Milind Gaba as contestants.

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