PPP will march from Karachi to Islamabad to oust govt constitutionally and legally: Bilawal

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PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Monday said that the inflation and unemployment rate in the country has reached historic levels because of the “incompetent government,” so the PPP will march from Karachi to Islamabad to get rid of it “constitutionally and legally.

Addressing a rally in Hyderabad, Bilawal said that the PPP has always stayed by the poor’s side and farmers were provided with their rights during Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s tenure.

Criticising the PTI-led government, he said that owing to the growing inflation in the country, “farmers go to sleep on an empty stomach and they want us to solve their issues,” adding that the PPP has always had the stance that “a prosperous farmer means a prosperous country.”

He went on to say that the prime minister has “distributed the water throughout the country unjustly” and that the “economic slaughter of the farmers is intolerable.”

The PPP chairman further said: “During every budget meeting, we draw the government’s attention towards the economic policies and stress that it will result in the economic slaughter of the farmers but the government does not pay heed”.

Bilawal urged the public to rebel against the economic system to bring land reforms. Calling Imran Khan a “puppet”, he said that the country was self-sufficient during Zardari’s stint in power but has now become “helpless”.

“The only way to save the farmers and the country’s agriculture sector is to oust the PTI-led government,” he added.

Talking about PPP’s long march that is set to take place on January 27, Bilawal said that the party will march from Karachi to Islamabad to get rid of the government “constitutionally and legally.”

While addressing the jalsa, he said that people will not be able to fight for their rights as long as ethnic and linguistic conflicts don’t end in the country, adding that the “PPP will ensure everyone — whether they speak Sindhi, Pushto or Urdu — will not be treated unjustly”.

He also said that the members of the incumbent government belonging to Sindh are trying to harm their own province.

“People are aware of the PTI’s reality and those who are not faithful to their leader will not be faithful to the country either,” he added.

Talking about PTI leaders, Bilawal went on to say that “they were involved in terrorism and are enemies of this city and province.”

“Our local government will bring economic stability,” said Bilawal, adding that, “those who call it a black law will have their image tarnished”.

Bilawal assured the masses that tax will be taken from people who live in big houses and that he wants a “mayor for Hyderabad”.

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