Oyster Mushrooms in Tuberculosis: How mushrooms help in Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a potentially serious infection that affects the lungs. The bacteria that cause tuberculosis spread quite easily through the air when an infected person sneezes or coughs. Being a chronic disease, tuberculosis can be fatal if not treated properly. No doubt you need to take antibiotics to treat active tuberculosis but a few natural remedies and the right nutrition can help speed up the treatment.

You might have read many articles on home remedies for tuberculosis but you surely might not have come across mushroom as an ideal food which could work as a magic to speed up the tuberculosis treatment. With some help from the sun, oyster mushrooms could help fight tuberculosis. Although fresh oyster mushrooms do not contain any vitamin D, but when exposed to the sun, they could be a great readily available source of vitamin D. The vitamin D help tuberculosis patients build the stronger immune system to respond against anti- TB drugs.

The home remedy of using sun-dried oyster mushrooms for curing tuberculosis was initially experimented by German scientists who believed that tuberculosis is the deadliest disease in the developing countries causing around 1.6 million deaths per year. This is because low-income countries lack the supply of adequate vitamin supplements. Therefore, oyster mushrooms are cheap, easy to distribute and a great source of vitamin D which could aid tuberculosis.

Sun-dried oyster mushrooms stuffed in sandwich bread could be consumed as breakfast during the period of having anti-TB drugs. In the first four months, you will notice an improvement in the immunological responses of the patient. Vitamin D in the sun-exposed mushrooms stimulates the body to form an antimicrobial compound that is effective against bacteria causing tuberculosis.

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