Ouch. For Congress’ Harish Rawat, Biting Retort From Amarinder Singh

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“You reap what you sow!” Amarinder Singh said in a tweet (File)

New Delhi:

As Congress leader Harish Rawat went public today with his disenchantment with the party leadership in tweets, his former colleague Amarinder Singh posted a savage response.

“You reap what you sow! All the best for your future endeavours (if there are any),” Amarinder Singh wrote for Harish Rawat, whose stint as the Congress’s Punjab in-charge did not end well for him.

In tweets earlier today, Harish Rawat spoke about feeling abandoned by his leadership and even said he hoped for “margdarshan (guidance) from Lord Kedarnath” in the New Year. To many, the tweets were a clear sign that the former Uttarakhand Chief Minister is contemplating his exit on the verge of elections.

Both Punjab and Uttarkhand will vote in state elections early next year

“Isn’t it strange? We have to swim in this sea of elections, but instead of supporting me, the organisation has either turned its back on me or is playing a negative role,” Harish Rawat tweeted.

“The powers-that-be have let loose many crocodiles (predators) in the sea that we have to navigate. Those whom I am supposed to follow, their people have tied my hands and feet. I have been thinking… Harish Rawat, it’s gone too far, you have done enough, it is time to rest. Then there is a voice in the head that quietly says I am neither weak nor will run from challenges. I am in turmoil. Hope the New Year shows me the way. I am confident that Lord Kedarnath (Shiva), will show me the way,” the Congress leader wrote.

Mr Rawat, a member of the Congress Working Committee, is the party’s face for the 2022 Uttarakhand polls.

Until recently, he was also the party’s chief trouble-shooter in Punjab, trying to resolve a dragging Amarinder Singh versus Navjot Singh Sidhu feud.

In September, Amarinder Singh was replaced as Chief Minister of Punjab as the party backed Mr Sidhu, and Mr Rawat was seen to play a significant role in that outcome. A “humiliated” Amarinder Singh quit the party and launched his own.

Days later, Mr Rawat asked to be relieved of his Punjab role so he could concentrate on his home state Uttarakhand.

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