Onir opens up about coming out as gay and same-sex marriage

Filmmaker Onir is one of the leading queer activists in India and has ensured sensitive portrayals of LGBTQ+ characters on screen. A few days ago, a netizen asked Onir why queer people “make coming out a big deal”. “Straight men and women do not have to be closeted. There is nothing for them to hide. Their existence, desire and love- it is all out in the open. And the reason we come out is to claim our spaces outside the closet so that we have a world where we don’t need to be in the closet,” Onir said in response to ETimes.

Onir Onir Onir

Onir Onir Onir

Onir also spoke about dating ands marriage and said that dating becomes different with him because he “mostly comes with baggage” as a filmmaker. “My parents feel that if they are not around, I should have a partner. The only thing is that I don’t have a partner right now but the guys I dated, they lived with me, and my parents always graciously accepted them and loved them,” he said, adding: “My parents want me to get married and if same-sex marriage is recognised in India, I would like to get married too, not to conform to anything, but to make a statement that it is my right to get married too. The sad part is that gay partners don’t even get legal rights. Hence, recognising same-sex marriage is very important.”

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