ONI Coffee Shop Paris And Goku Asian Canteen And Mikkeller Taphouse Make A Tasty Tuesday in Paris

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ONI Coffee shop in Paris is consistently ranked as one of the best in the city, and along with Goku’s award winning burger you’re well on your way to an amazing …

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47 thoughts on “ONI Coffee Shop Paris And Goku Asian Canteen And Mikkeller Taphouse Make A Tasty Tuesday in Paris

  1. Fluffy, the ship's cat…reminds me of the play Peter and the Starcatcher. Ever seen it? It is definitely my favorite theatrical production. Well, closely in the race with Arsenic and Old Lace or maybe Big Fish. (Fun fact, I've met the Author of Big Fish, Daniel Wallace, and sang to him 'what's next' – that's a song from his musical )

  2. The burger at Goku was super tasty and had a good amount of spice to it.

    I'd like to hear about the progress with the office and your work with Richard.

    Good luck!!

  3. I leave for France a week from today and I feel pretty prepared and excited. I have you to thank for that! Let us know if you’re doing a meet up, I’d love to say hi!

  4. This vlog had all my favourites: Paris; food; you talking about food; Gustave; and the documentation of an artist dealing with the practical. Thank you for sharing Jay.?

  5. I've seen the Chernobyl series. WOW. There's a part that involves SCUBA divers and it really got to me. I'm a diver and that part scared the bajeez out of me :-O The whole thing was quite the eye-opener. Also (totally off subject) after seeing Laura many times now, was trying to figure out who she reminded me of. It came to me today. Kristin Wiig, from SNL 🙂

  6. HI Jay —I have put some thought into this comment. I contribute to you because I like your story & the fact that you did not feel entitled & were willing to work & explore your life. I has been great to see you progress. It seems like the new office opportunity would be a good fit for where you are now. Another step in Adulting!!! LOL. As I am so much older than you (age 60) take this bit of wisdom. You can't do EVERYTHING!!!! That is the great myth pushed by media. Focus on 1 or 2 things & do them well. Having your energies spread too thin you will not be giving your best . i think you know what I mean. Wishing you continued sucess!!!!!!

  7. I'm very interested in all your projects, both personal and professional. As I said in earlier vlogs, I'm here for the long run, so share away. BTW, don't feel bad for drying your clothes like that. They'll last much longer. A tumble dryer destroys clothes.

  8. Gustave!! Love seeing him and his human! Also love seeing Laura. I just watched her on the way away channel. I think the four of you should to take a trip together. Some where you can space invader hunt!! Have a Great Day!!?

  9. Beautifully-edited! Really enjoyable to watch! Sure, I’m interested in knowing more about the business process. I just cancelled HBO after GoT ended; just can’t keep swingin’ the $14.99 on top of the $$ I already shell out to Netflix, Hulu, and Prime. Of course, after doing that, I find out about a documentary on HBO I want to see and yeah, there’s Chernobyl, too. Oh well. Maybe I’ll subscribe again for a month, or maybe they’ll do one of those free weekends via Hulu. Looks like it was a fun, productive day! ??✌??

  10. The Mikkeller tap house looks great! Will have to make sure to get there. They opened one at the Mets baseball stadium here in Queens, but I haven’t been yet. Random fact: the guy who started Mikkeller has a twin brother who started a rival brewery, Evil Twin, who makes a beer you might like called “Spicy Nachos.” ?

  11. GUSTAVE! He's such a GOOD boy!!! He really loves you Jay 🙂 Nice drying rack! Ugh spread sheets. Every time I see the vlog, I wish I could spin a 360, I mean, it's Paris! Good Morning Jay, Wednesday am here…

  12. Quite the well rounded food day. Ya got yer burger group, yer coffee group, yer beer group, and yer pastry group… all da tasty groups.

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