One Omicron variant symptom that appears on your skin


The symptoms study app has also highlighted another symptom of the Omicron, that can appear on your skin, which is a ‘rash’.

Skin rash has often been associated with COVID-19. Earlier studies have suggested that it could be a sign of inflammation triggered by the SARs-COV-2 virus. The ZOE COVID Study app reports that depending on the frequency, a skin rash should be considered as “a fourth key sign” of COVID-19.

COVID fingers and toes, also known as chilblain, have been reported in people infected with coronavirus. This could lead to red and purple bumps on fingers and toes, which could induce pain and itchiness.

Additionally, as per the Symptoms Study app, there are two more types of rash that could be associated with COVID+ patients, which are hive-type rash and prickly heat type rash. While the former appears suddenly in the form of bumps and can quickly fade away, the latter is small, itchy and forms red bumps anywhere on the body, prevalent on elbows, knees and the back of hands and feet.

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