Nucros: A Subscription-Based Kitchen That Offers DNA Based Diet And More

Have you been struggling with weight loss? Are you looking for a diet that is conscious of your medical history and your health as well as effective in giving you the nutrition you need? This subscription-based kitchen might be the answer to your problems. Based out of Greenpark, New Delhi, Nucros combines nutrition with yummy food and gives you healthy meals at your doorstep! Founded by Sakshi Bakshi in 2020, it is a team of doctors, nutritionists and chefs who wish to help people realise their help goals with no compromise on taste.

A bowl of healthy laksa.

Nucros customises each meal plan according to our needs. Their subscription plans consider the management of medical conditions like diabetes, thyroid, PCOD and digestive issues. Each and every meal plan is personalised and checked by doctors. They also do an in-depth analysis of your DNA and guide you with personalised recommendations for food sensitivities, prevention/treatment of a disease, improving physical fitness, and optimising nutrition.

Not only are the meals healthy, but they are also tasty. The meals include dishes like strawberry cheesecake, chole bhature, quesadillas and other yummy food people think they can’t have on a diet. They cater to all kinds of diets. They deliver low carb, vegan and simple balanced meals. Now, weight loss doesn’t have to mean bland food!

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